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I ordered your book on 2nd October, got the copy today, was able to put my hand on it at 7pm and by 8 pm I am done with it. Before ordering I was a bit apprehensive, because I have already moved to cabin 3 years back, but didn’t wanted to miss the chance of reading a book of yours. But after reading your book I found that it is equally good for manager’s as well.

I am going to recommend this book to all my subordinates, because I want them to plan their career the way you have suggested. It was really nice reading.

Anup Kumar
Assoc. Vice President (Financial Inclusion & e-Governance) at Glodyne Technoserve Ltd


Sir, I have read your book, “From cubicles to cabins”. I must say, its very well written and the various points covered are very practical.

Looking forward for your further publications.
And one more thing.. being “the third monkey” actually helps!

Urvish Doshi – Final year CA student.


Reading your book “From Cubicles 2 Cabins”, has been very enjoyable and educative.
It was as though you are having a chat with the reader.

What stands out are :-

1. You have a total authority on the subject.So much so your writing is so deceptively simple.
2. Acknowledging your wife’s contribution to the book was very heartening. Very few men have this fine grace and charm.
3. This book is also equally educative to those who are well entrenched in the career ladder of their organisation, for further growth.
4. The wise will always keep this book handy to reinforce their awareness.


Retired (Various positions as Indian Oil Corporation)


Best ideas often come as jokes
The first lesson the book teaches is “Under Promise and Over Perform”. True to its word, this book does exactly the same. A well thought-out structured approach in teaching the tricks of survival in the initial phases of career. The book is concise and easy to read. It states the obvious but with a touch of humour that make the lessons stay long after you put down the book. The summary at the end of each chapter is worth printing as poster and sticking in your cubicles. The books makes every effort to be as comforting towards the reader as possible and yet prepares him or her to become a solder to fight this battle in the corporate tranches, a.k.a cubicles. I strongly recommend reading C2C before your colleague does.

Pradeep Kumar Yemula
Research Scholar, Field Computations Lab,
Dept. of Electrical Engineering, IIT Bombay


Hi Sanket…This is to inform you that I read your book and found it very enlighning…I left my first job (a reputed MNC which offered me highest in my domestic campus placements) in just a span of 4 months…But after reading your thoughts I realised that I should have struggled and if I would have got your book earlier to leaving my Job .. I would have never resigned…

Sonia Rakheja (Currently works at Nestle)


hy read ur book.its really useful 4 all d people who struggle 2 survive in competitive world..phrases r catchy n language is v easy 2 undrstnd..wl surely apply all d tactics on my 1st job..thanku:-)

Jinal Kapadia (student of Interior Design – Rachna’s)


Dear Mr Dantara,
I saw your writeup in home page of rediff.Your book must be both interesting and useful. Pl keep it up.
Unlike our days,when we joined a job and retired from it, these days youngsters are jumping jobs every year.
They are confused,and don’t know what they want or expect.
Contentment and loyalties are as important as ambition and progress?
personal growth is as important as job growth?

Nagarajan Viswanathan

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