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How did this book come about?

I used to write short stories, poems and also used to blog already so it was a natural extension. Though the primary trigger was the LEM (laboratory in entrepreneurship motivation) course I had taken with Prof Sunil Handa. With his guidance we explored many opportunities but simply couldn’t narrow down on one. Writing was something I liked and was fairly good at but couldn’t think of a topic on which I could write a full book.

We had finished our course at IIMA and were waiting for convocation. Those days were when we had a lot of free time. One evening a couple of dorm mates were seated in my room and we were just discussing how life would be different etc and out of those conversations stemmed the idea for the book. So I wrote the book and sent it to Prof Handa for his feedback, which was very encouraging along with some constructive criticism. So between graduation and joining work, I completed the book and got it ready. Sent the manuscripts to a few publishers. But then somehow it just feel through once I started work, until recently when my wife pushed me to see it through.

 So the book was written even before you joined work after IIMA?

Well, yes. I already had worked for 3 years before coming to IIMA. So my experience as ‘non-management’ was still fresh in my mind. What changed was that I now see those three years with an IIMA lens and that gives you a very different perspective on the constraints of a work environment and how things we find annoying as analysts and programmers are sometimes unavoidable. What it also helps you figure out is how you can make things work for you within the constraints.

 So is this what the book is about?

Yes, the book is a survival guide to your first job. Things you should do, and things you shouldn’t. But unlike a self-help book, this is written in a very fun kind of narrative. It doesn’t sermon, but just provides nuggets you can quickly remember and always keep at the back of your mind. ‘Be the third monkey’, ‘locate the spine’, ‘harness the power of informal networks’ and so on.. It doesn’t give you a checklist but concepts which help you gauge whether to do or not to do. Besides its written in a very crisp and concise manner and knowing how we hate it when someone gives us free advice, I have kept it very short and sweet 😀

 Does it mean that this book is only for people who are entering a job for the first time?

Absolutely not, these ideas are applicable in numerous work situations. You can use these every time say you change a job, or you have a new boss for example. However I sub-title the book “a survival guide to your first job” because when I wrote the book, they were my target audience, so the tone of the narrative, the examples, etc were all written keeping them in mind.

So, yes, everybody can read it

Where can I buy it?



Simply Books

Buy Books India

It is also available in all leading book stores like Crossword, Om Book Store etc in your town !

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